Who we are


In order to make the Spirit Hybrids product line, the corn hybrids must perform to the level you expect. We know that you have plenty of seed choices but the seed choice make a difference in yield, agronomics, and your overall bottom line. We recognize that a growing crop is your paycheck and we want to bring more to your net income.

Grain Markets

Although many seed companies evidently don’t see that there is any connection to their seed prices and the lower grain markets, we believe there should be. Over the years, we all have seen commodity prices go up and down but rarely do we see seed prices and most other inputs go down when commodity prices fall. The value sharing that the big organizations talk about when commodities rise, which subsequently brings higher seed prices, are rarely talked about when commodity prices fall. At Spirit Hybrids, we want to change all of that!

Optimism with a Large Dose of Reality

We value you, your commitment to farming, and we appreciate that your profession isn’t something you can jump in and out of when times are good and bad. We do not care how big we are, we care how successful we can make you!

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About Wayne Hoener

Over my career, I have been blessed with meeting great people and building relationships internally and externally from all over the country. Over the past 30 years, I have worked with companies that had tremendous growth and were attractive acquisitions for much larger corporations. Both times, it was an excellent financial move for the acquiring companies, and I applaud them for their moves. I did, however, have the urge to begin a new brand that holds certain values I believe are important for the producer.

spirit hybrids

Spirit Hybrids Corn (left) vs. Competitor (right)

This new brand, Spirit Hybrids, LLC, was started and named to reflect a different Spirit going forward. At Spirit Hybrids, we offer maturities and traits that you need for your farm. Our genetics have performed very well and we are looking forward to you trying some to get a feel on your farm. As an example of doing the right thing, with lower commodity corn prices we decided to lower our seed prices.

I look forward to visiting with you and helping you make the best seed decisions for your farm and your future.

Wayne Hoener